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Crate labelling requirements have changed

One of the outcomes from the Fishing Operations Committee (FOC) meeting held on 03 May 2018 was to allow fishers to only specify their MFL number on their crates if they prefer to do so. This requirement is now permitted and signed off on.

As part of the transition to the Aquatic Resource Management Act 2016, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is of the view that the requirement to provide the name and principal place of residence of the master of any Licensed Fishing Boat (LFB) used to take rock lobster is no longer necessary.

A master of a LFB which has been used to take rock lobster is now only required to adhere to the following labelling requirements:

1. the LFB number used to take the rock lobster; AND

2. the zone in which the lobster was taken;


3. In the case of a person operating under the authority of a West Coast Rock Lobster MFL, the relevant MFL number.

Please click here to view the letter received from DPIRD regarding this change for further information. Please contact Laura Orme (Fisheries Management Officer, DPIRD) on 6551 4404 if you have any queries on this matter.