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Back of Boat Lobster Sales Mechanism Now In Effect

Last week WRL announce that the proposed amendments to the West Coast Rock Lobster Management Plan 2012 (Management Plan) were published in the Government Gazette on 11 September 2020, and are now in effect.

One of the key changes to the legislation was the introduction of the new Back of Boat (BOB) lobster sales mechanism. This mechanism allows fishers to land up to 100 lobsters per trip to sell directly to local restaurants, seafood retailers, the general public and tourists.

To assist with its implementation, DPIRD put together some easy to understand documents that explains the mechanism:


Key Points of Back of Boat Lobsters:

  • Fishers must use the FishEye to sell lobsters via BOB – They must indicate in the pre-landing nomination made via FishEye.
  • There is a FishEye update for the app (due end of September) – in the meantime, an interim arrangement is in place (see attached document about how to report using the current FishEye version).
  • BOB lobsters must be landed in sealed, tagged containers, and weighed separately upon entering an approved landing area.
  • BOB lobsters are to be weighed FIRST (prior to consignment for registered receivers).
  • Lobsters to be held in sealed containers for 10 minutes after weight is reported; after that tags can be removed and lobsters don’t need to be held in a sealed container.
  • Fisher to report weight of lobsters as a separate consignment; and reported weight is to be deducted from the entitlement.
  • Sales can be made at the wharf OR any other location.
  • Registered receivers are not allowed to purchase BOB lobsters.  If they wish to do so they must contact DPIRD and relinquish their certificate.
  • Fisher must issue a tax invoice (receipt) to the purchaser which includes the fisher’s Managed Fishery Licence Number and quantity of lobsters (either number or weight of lobsters sold).

It might sound complex, but please rest assured that it will be very easy after you have done it a few times.

We would like to encourage our Members to make sure you, or someone from your business, follow and stay active on the Back of Bat Sales Facebook page to connect with people wanting to purchase lobsters in your area. We are already receiving many inquiries from the public wanting to find out where to buy their lobsters from, and we are directing them to post their interest on that same page.

We also invite all our Members who are interested in being connected with locals, hotels, restaurants, and retailers looking for a local supplier to let us know as we are creating a database to better assist with the implementation of this new mechanism.

Please send us your contact details and port of operation at

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