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CONSULTATION: Wildblue Holdings Pty Ltd Aquaculture Licence and Lease, Abrolhos Islands

Wildblue Holdings has applied to culture various species of seaweed at a site in the Pelsaert Group of the Abrolhos Islands. Industry feedback sought by 28 May 2018.

In 2017, Wildblue Holdings was issued an Exemption to conduct an aquaculture trial on macroalgae or seaweed at a site in the Abrolhos Islands (macroalgae are large algae such as kelp, which often occur in dense beds attached to the seabed).

After the trial, Wildblue Holdings made an application to the Department for an aquaculture licence and lease within the Pelsaert Island Group of the Abrolhos Islands. The area proposed in the current application is different from the trial site under the Exemption.

Please find below documents for more information:

A copy of all responses received will be forwarded to Wildblue Holdings to provide an opportunity for it to respond. This process allows a balanced consideration of the application and an opportunity for the applicant to make appropriate amendments to it.

In its assessment of the application, Aquaculture Branch will consider all substantive issues raised and document the process in a Statement of Decision, a copy of which will be available on the Department’s website (

Please provide comments in writing direct to by Wednesday 30 May 2018 or send feedback to by Monday 28 May 2018 for a WRL submission.


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