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Expression of Interest (EoI) – Fishing Operations Sub-committee

Western Rock Lobster are seeking 5 young active skippers to become members of a committee that will assess then recommend any industry rules and regulations that should be relaxed, removed or changed to make fishing operations easier and fishery management better.    

The WRL Board resolved to establish a joint Sub-committee with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to work collaboratively on improving the operational aspects of the Western Rock Lobster fishery when it transitions across to the new Aquatic Resource Management Act in January 2019.

The purpose of the Fishing Operations Sub-committee (FOS) is to provide expert advice to the WRL Board on the operational aspects of the Western Rock Lobster fishery. It is therefore critical that the active skippers selected for the FOS represent the different regions and fishing practices of the fishery. The WRL Board is intentionally seeking younger active skippers because in addition to their intimate knowledge of fishing rules, they have the most invested in decisions that affect the future of the industry and it is hoped that the FOS will provide an effective pathway for active fishers to become future WRL Board members.

The main responsibilities of Fishing Operations Sub-committee active skipper members include:

  • To network with other fishers to identify what rules and regulations industry believes should be considered for change by the FOS.
  • Attend approximately 5 important face-to-face meetings in 2018. Teleconference facilities should also be available if a skipper is unable to attend in person.
  • Contribute to FOS discussions regarding changes to the rules and regulations of the fishery. This could include any aspects from larger issues such as season start date or setose rules down to smaller issues such as landing tags.
  • Have input into the drafting of a report of recommendations to the WRL Board.
  • Communicate progress and outcomes of the FOS to your networks and region.
  • Provide the WRL Board with information about current fishing operations across the industry.

The Fishing Operations Sub-committee will be comprised of;

  • Chairperson (WRL Board Member and young active skipper)
  • Five young active skippers
  • One or two senior DPIRD fishery managers
  • One senior DPIRD fishery scientist
  • One senior DPIRD compliance officer

If you are a young active skipper and want to take on this important leadership role on behalf of your industry, please send an email to addressing the following points;

  • Name, address, mobile, date of birth
  • Where you fish and fishing experience
  • Why you want to be a member of the Fishing Operations Sub-committee
  • Some examples of current rules and regulations that you think should change

Please send your email and details by Wednesday 21st February. All applications will be considered and applicants responded to within a week. The active skipper members will be selected by a panel consisting of:

  • The Chairperson of the Fishing Operations Sub-committee
  • The CEO of the Western Rock Lobster Council
  • One other Western Rock Lobster Council Director who is not associated

Please contact Matt Taylor (WRL Chief Executive Officer) on 0438 855 863 should you have any queries about the Fishing Operations Sub-committee or this application process.

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