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Industry Support Needed For The Meshed Pot Program

The mesh pot program provides critical data for modelling and managing your western rock lobster industry and setting the TACC. Unfortunately, participation in the program by fishers has dropped significantly over its 10 years to where a small number of dedicated fishers are now being relied on to provide all of the valuable data.

In light of pressures to increase the TACC and some current fishing experiences not matching scientific predictions or historical observations, the Western Rock Lobster Board has resolved to work collaboratively with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to undertake a review of the western rock lobster industry science and modelling.

Western Rock Lobster (WRL) is also currently negotiating co-management arrangements with DPIRD with research by fishers being one aspect where the industry can and should take on more responsibility. WRL is committed to increasing the scope of research and research effort in order to make better informed management decisions, ensure the sustainability of the fishery and drive GVP growth towards our $1 billion target.

Please click here to access a DPIRD letter posted today that explains the mesh pot program, outlines the current research exemption for using the mesh and modified pots, provides a summary of the research outcomes and encourages fishers to support this valuable program.

By joining the research program and fishing a mesh pot you will be playing a key role in the management of your industry and ensuring the sustainability of your fishery. It is essential that we have fishers from all zones and ports collecting data from meshed pots in order to better understand recruitment and changes across the whole fishery.

Please contact Dr Jason How ( or 9203 0247 ) if you can support the research program or if you require any callipers or additional datasheets. You are also welcome to contact WRL to discuss the program or your interest.

Matt Taylor
Chief Executive Officer

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