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New Fishing Operations Committee established

Western Rock Lobster would like to sincerely thank all those young active skippers for sending in an application of interest to join the Fishing Operations Committee (FOC) recently established by the Western Rock Lobster Council Board. WRL were really encouraged by the high number of quality applications received.

Five WRL Board Members comprised the selection panel who followed agreed ranking criteria to generate a combined list of applicants based on two main sets of criteria. The first was personal attributes such as responsible, respected, capable, well networked and committed to being an active FOC participant. The second main set of criteria for the selection panel to follow was to determine a Fishing Operations Committee composition that encompassed a broad range of expertise and fishing practices, a broad range of small through large fishing operations and three skippers from the north plus three from the south.

Following the application process the FOC now comprises:

  • Clay Bass – FOC Chair (North)
  • Jared Groom (North)
  • Matthew Kalajzich (North)
  • David Thompson Jnr (South)
  • Chris Williams (South)
  • Peter Stanich (South)
  • Graeme Baudains – Principal Management Officer, DPIRD Fisheries Division
  • Simon de Lestang – Principal Research Scientist, DPIRD
  • Ben Doncon – Senior Fisheries Compliance Officer, DPIRD
  • Matt Taylor – WRL CEO

Achieving the desired composition is absolutely critical to the success of the FOC and as such, other high quality applicants have unfortunately missed out on becoming a member of FOC at this time. That said, WRL is committed to supporting these young leaders, building industry leadership development and aim to engage with the remainder of applicants in a variety of other ways.

Due to the number of quality applications and interest received, WRL have agreed to form a fishing operations reference group for consultation with not only the FOC but a range of other WRL committees such as the Strategy & Risk Committee and Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) Committee as well as a number of upcoming stakeholder workshops such as the peer review of the modelling and science.

The purpose of the Fishing Operations Committee (FOC) is to work collaboratively with DPIRD on improving the operational aspects of the western rock lobster fishery in time for its transition across to the new Aquatic Resource Management Act sometime after January 2019.

Members and fishers are encouraged to contact a FOC member in their area to discuss what rules and regulations industry believes should be considered for change by the FOC.

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