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Revised Border Inspection Arrangements for Lobster Exports to China

Australian Lobster Exporter Update #1


Australia’s lobster industry values the mutually beneficial relationships we enjoy with our trade partners, including China where we have had an export presence for many decades. We appreciate that all Governments have a right to ensure that products entering their country are safe.

In the last few days, some Australian lobster shipments have experienced customs clearance delays due to an increased level of import inspections in China. Whilst some cargo has been cleared, there are continued risks of delays while new processes are being implemented. To mitigate this risk a decision has been made by the majority of exporters to stop sending shipments to China until more is known about the new process.

The information we have at this time suggests that these new tests are related to new health and compliance checks. The industry is working closely with Chinese importers and the relevant government authorities to understand what the new requirements are and how best to comply with them. The aim is to minimise disruptions while ensuring our Chinese customers get access to safe quality premium lobsters from Australia.

We’re confident that Australian rock lobster industry’s reputation as a global leader in quality, reliability and sustainability will meet the standards of the new process. Our food safety and quality systems are world-class. We will provide an update when we know more.

The Seafood Trade Advisory Group (STAG) has formed a small working group to work collaboratively with authorities to resolve this issue quickly. The group will be meeting daily to share information. Further updates will be provided as details become known.


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