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TACC Subcommittee major step forward for industry

The Western Rock Lobster (WRL) Council has determined to implement an on‑going strategic approach to the future setting of the Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) for the commercial Western Rock Lobster Fishery by providing professional evidence-based advice and on-going leadership in managing the broader issues, risks and opportunities for a better industry future. This led to the formation of the TACC Subcommittee in July 2017.

Following the Rogers Review in 2016, the WRL Council formed a TACC Subcommittee to obtain and consider the due diligence necessary to underpin sound advice on future TACC settings for the western rock lobster commercial sector fishery. In a major step forward for the industry, the TACC Subcommittee brings together representatives from the whole WRL value chain including fishers, processors, international marketers, scientists, managers and Peter Rogers as the author of the TACC review report.

The functions of the Subcommittee are as follows:

  • A constituted Subcommittee of the WRL Council to provide evidence-based advice on future TACC settings for the rock lobster commercial sector fishery.
  • To gather appropriate independent information to understand the impact on TACC settings through science, economic, and fishers’ views, as resources allow.
  • Sound consultation and deliberation by the Subcommittee to arrive at a reasoned and coherent recommendation(s).
  • The Subcommittee will seek to facilitate the assembly and analysis of a range of industry data including market information and take into account the Harvest Strategy when making TACC recommendations to the WRL Council Board.
  • The grounds of those recommendations to be provided in a written report incorporating the available evidence.
  • Written Industry feedback on the Subcommittee report to the WRL Council inclusive of the processing and marketing sector.
  • The WRL Council to formulate its advice to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development taking into account the TACC Subcommittee report and industry feedback.

The new TACC Subcommittee extends our scope of research to include trade and consumer data and analysis so we can better understand our markets.

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