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WRL Alternative Funding Model Proposal

Western Rock Lobster (WRL) has adopted an industry Gross Value of Production (GVP) target of $1 billion by 2028. While ambitious, a doubling of the gross value of production of our iconic western rock lobster industry is achievable and will create new jobs, support regional development and boost the WA economy.

It is imperative that WRL provides leadership to create efficient and effective vehicles to drive the industry to our $1 billion GVP target. However, it is equally essential that we unshackle the industry from constraints. This planned and evolved position, working across the WA industry and its value chain partners, has led to WRL proposing a new funding model to government.

A key initiative of the funding model proposal and achieving the ambitious GVP target is the establishment of an Australasian Institute for Spiny Lobster Research in Western Australia. The attached concept study summarises the strategic case for establishing the proposed institute and provides an assessment of the current return on investment from financial contributions made via the resource access licence fee to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Click here to view the WRL Alternative Funding Model Proposal including the Australasian Institute for Spiny Lobster Research Concept Study Report. These proposals were submitted to Minister Kelly on 13 April 2018 to initiate a conversation regarding the future of the western rock lobster industry.

WRL welcomes feedback from its Members and Stakeholders via or (08) 9432 7721.


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