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Ernst & Young Webcast: JobKeeper Payment – Everything You Need to Know

Ernst & Young webcast provides more details about the JobKeeper payment


We recently provided you with details of the Commonwealth’s $130 billion JobKeeper Payment subsidy (read it here). The JobKeeper Payment allows employees of eligible businesses and self-employed individuals to receive up to $1,500 per fortnight before tax.

Following this announcement, many employees and employers sought clarification about their eligibility and obligations.

Ernst & Young (EY) has been actively involved in seeking answers to these questions from the Government and the ATO, and today released a webcast where they provided more details about the JobKeeper Payment. The EY webcast is presented by an expert panel, and answers many questions including:

  • What is the latest eligibility criteria?
  • How is the reduction in revenue calculated?
  • How are the turnover thresholds determined?
  • What if employees have already been retrenched?
  • What is the situation with an employer with multiple businesses?
  • What are employers obligated to pass on to their employees?

To watch the EY JobKeeper Payment webcast, click HERE. Once you have registered, you will be automatically directed to the webcast.


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