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Minister Peter Tinley Approves Management Plan Amendments


In March 2020, WRL provided our Members with a Coastal Tour Report for industry consultation during COVID-19 restrictions.

Following Board consideration of industry feedback, WRL wrote to Minister Tinley proposing amendments to the WCRLMF Management Plan aimed at addressing the primary concerns of business certainty, maintaining cashflow, managing quota and preserving value in response to the impacts of COVID-19.

Today Minister Tinley provided a response letter approving all of the WRL proposed management plan amendments, providing additional detail on how the back of boat sales lobster program will operate and praising the industry for its leadership in responding to the very serious impacts of COVID-19.

This is a really important letter from the Minister for Fisheries so please take the time to read it and understand it. Please also note that while these decisions have now been made, there is still considerable time required for the management plan amendments to be drafted and passed through Parliament before Members are issued with new licences reflecting the revised kilos. This is not expected until October and fishers are reminded not to exceed their current license entitlement until they receive their new licence authorising additional entitlement.

Click HERE to read the full letter from Minister Tinley.

Members should contact Paige on (08) 9432 7723 or if they have any questions or concerns regarding the information in this email.


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