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Recipe: Lobster Sashimi


To answer some BoBs’ customers question who asked if a western rock lobster could be eaten raw, here is the basic recipe from the Paratore family for preparing it.



  • 1 whole fresh western rock lobster
  • 1 lemon/lime cut into wedges
  • Iced water (for chilling)
  • sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and wasabi


  • Split the whole raw lobster in half lengthwise (Click here for instructions)
  • Remove the lobster meat from the shell
  • Dice the lobster meat into small cubes
  • Marinate in the cut wedges of lemon or lemon and its freshly squeezed juice (30 minutes)
  • Place over a bed of ice to keep cool
  • Prior to serving add a dollop of sweet chilli sauce or soy sauce with wasabi


Fremantle Fisherman James says the simplest way to enjoy lobster is sashimi or ceviche style which can only be enjoyed if it’s freshly-caught.

The Paratores are offering Back of Boat lobsters to the locals in Fremantle, Cockburn and surrounding areas. Visit their Facebook page to stay updated on fishing days, prices and availability.