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Western Rock Lobster Market Report | March 2021


Please read on for updated information regarding catches in the western rock lobster fishery, and rock lobster exports from Australia.

Catch Data for the Western Rock Lobster Fishery

The ‘Catch Balance Graph By Zone (Warehouse)’ report is prepared twice-monthly by DPIRD, most recently on 16 April. It provides information on entitlement landed within the West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery (WCRLMF), on a monthly and zonal basis.

If you have any queries in relation to the report, please e-mail or contact the Rock Lobster Help Line 1300 574 071.

WCRLMF landed catch, monthly


WCRLMF landed catch, northern zones, monthly


WCRLMF landed catch, Zone C, monthly


WCRLMF landed catch, November-March 2021


Rock lobster exports from Australia

Western Australia exports of rock lobster, value by product form and destination, monthly


Australia exports of non-frozen rock lobster, quantity and unit value by origin, monthly


Western Australia exports of non-frozen rock lobster, quantity by destination, November 2020–January 2021


Western Australia exports of non-frozen rock lobster, quantity by destination, February 2021


Western Australian lobster export volumes in recent months are considerably lower than pre-COVID. Comparing trade data from 24 months earlier:

  • December 2020. Exports of 292t were 46% lower than December 2018 exports of 541t
  • January 2021. Exports of 340t were 63% lower than January 2019 exports of 916t
  • February 2021. Exports of 367t were 62% lower than February 2019 exports of 955t

Hong Kong and Taiwan are currently the major export destinations, achieving similar unit values. Presumably, the low level of exports is mainly balanced by industry’s increased focus on the domestic market – notably observed over Easter with the major supermarkets running well-advertised specials.


Relative export prices of WRL, SRL, and TRL in early 2021

WRL continues to trade at a discount to SRL in a generally lower-priced environment than previous years.

In recent years TRL tended to trade at lower unit values than SRL, and similar unit values to WRL. In the first two months of 2021 TRL are achieving higher unit values than SRL or WRL.


Lobster imports for China


China imports of lobster, value by product type, monthly


China imports of non-frozen spiny lobster, quantity by origin, January–March


China imports of non-frozen spiny lobster, unit value by origin, January–March