DPIRD seeking feedback on new lobster research website

DPIRD is developing a series of interactive webpages that will tell the story of the Biology and Behaviour of the western rock lobster and is now seeking feedback from the industry on perceived knowledge gaps, which we will use to identify and develop future projects.

The Western Rock Lobster – Panulirus cygnus

The above website has been compiled to satisfy objective one of the FRDC Biology and Ecology Program: collate all published research on Western Rock Lobster and develop this into a usable format. 

The site aims to condense over 50 years of scientific research on the Behaviour, Biology and Ecology of the western rock lobster, Panulirus Cygnus into an assessable and easy-to-understand format so that this knowledge can be disseminated throughout the wider community.

The structure of the site follows the life cycle of the western rock lobster, from Juveniles, through the Whites, to Adults, and finally the Larval stages.

In addition to more widely broadcasting the current state of knowledge of western rock lobster biology, behaviour and ecology, it is hoped that the site will generate future research priorities through the identification of current knowledge gaps.

Western rock lobster fishers are in an ideal position to provide first-hand information.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to visit the website and provide feedback on perceived knowledge gaps or project ideas, either using the Feedback Button (located on the bottom left of the screen) or by emailing us directly at: emma-jade.tuffley@dpird.wa.gov.au

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