Industry Risk Management

Industry Risk Management

Effective risk management is an integral part of the success of any organisation. WRL recognises risk management as a key part of its culture and is seeking to encourage the western rock lobster industry to acknowledge that risks can be embraced, recognised and managed correctly to ensure the strategic objectives of the Industry are met. The optimising of risks will ensure the commercial viability and sustainability of the Industry at all times.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management involves managing to achieve an appropriate balance between realising opportunities for gains while minimising losses. It is an integral part of good management practice and an essential element of good governance. WRL as the Industry body is taking a holistic approach to risk management in that the effective identification, communication and treatment of risks are the responsibility of all Industry. 

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Risks must be systematically considered as part of day-to-day decision making. The WRL’s Risk Management Framework provides the foundations for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving risk management. The overall objective of the Framework is to instil the appropriate behaviours and processes within the industry to drive consistent and effective application of risk management at an operational and industry level.

WRL is committed to developing a risk-aware culture, which will form the basis of its holistic, integrated Risk Management Framework. The management and identification of risks will not be isolated to particular personnel, with the key message communicated across the Industry being: “Risk is everyone’s business”.

Risk should be seen as a key tool in empowering the Industry to make well-informed and commercially sound business decisions. Risk will only have a potentially negative impact if it is mismanaged, misunderstood, poorly controlled or not identified or communicated correctly.

Developing a Risk Management Framework for the Western Rock Lobster Industry

Risk Management needs to be integrated into strategic planning and operational management responsibilities. Every member of the Industry has a role and responsibility in risk management to be vigilant in the identification and treatment of risks and is invited and encouraged to participate in this process. This responsibility extends from the Minister, WRL and Processors to the Industry individual’s requirements to operate in a safe, healthy and effective workplace.

The Risk Management Framework needs to be adopted in an effective manner throughout the Industry value chain. The benefits of embedding risk aware behaviours and continuous application and development of the Framework will be:

Western Rock Lobster Industry Risk Register

Following identification of the Industry risks each has been analysed using Risk Reference Tables. Further investigation into the consequences allows WRL to recognise the degree of risk and apply key control management strategies and tactics and develop the Risk Register.

The Risk Register enables WRL to document, manage, monitor, review and update strategic, corporate and project risk information in alignment with the strategic plan. The Risk Register is reviewed and updated by WRL bi-annually (March and September), with a summary presented as the Risk Dashboard.

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