Leadership in Safety – What does safety leadership look like?

Boat owners and skippers demonstrate Safety Leadership when they consistently meet the due diligence requirements of the new WA Work Health and Safety Legislation. 


Safety Leadership specifically means that you: 

  • Avoid unnecessary risks because safety on the boat is one of your personal values.
  • Always follow the safety processes described in the boat’s safety management system (also referred to as an SMS)
  • Regularly reinforce with your crew the SMS content to ensure they act the way you do and always follow the safety procedures of the boat.
  • Regularly ask your crew for ideas to improve safety on the boat and, if there is a good suggestion, you implement it.
  • Regularly review the information available to you to improve the safety processes on the boat – this might be from WorkSafe, AMSA or the industry resource web page: Fish Safe Australia


Stay tuned for the next Leadership in Safety topic. If you require advice or support related to your Safety Management System or safety in general, please contact: 

Tanya Adams, safety specialist for the professional fishing industry. 

P: 0417 961 973 

E: fishsafeaustralia@iinet.net.au 



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