New Exemption Applying to Small Entitlement Fishers during Whale Season Restrictions

DPIRD has recently approved a WRL-requested new exemption that allows smaller fishers to use additional rock lobster pots during the whale mitigation season of 1 May – 31 October each year. Fishers can read the exemption here and view an excerpt below that shows the exemption’s pot allowance. The exemption was discussed and supported at industry’s 2023 Annual Management Meetings. 

The implementation of this trial is the result of members contacting their directors and collaborating on solutions. It is an example of the influence that these direct interactions can have on the fishery and its management. WRL encourages its members to engage with their representatives and attend industry meetings to ensure that their voices are being heard.

Should you have any queries in relation to this information please contact WRL’s Policy, Governance and Resource Access Officer, Carey-Ann Harper.

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