New Policy & Governance Officer at Western Rock Lobster

We are pleased to announce that Joy Johnston has joined the WRL team as our Policy and Governance Officer this week. In this role, Joy will be responsible for researching, drafting, and prosecuting responses to spatial squeeze threats, such as marine parks, offshore renewable energy, and seismic activities.

Additionally, she will lead the development and adoption of key strategic objectives, documents, and processes for WRL, including resource access security, independent funding, the constitution, the strategic plan, and the risk registry.

Joy holds qualifications in economics and law and briefly worked with a boutique law firm before joining WRL. She brings over 20 years of experience in senior policy and governance roles with not-for-profit and government organisations across various industries. Joy’s strong policy and change management skills will be invaluable to our team.

Outside of work, Joy is completing a Master of Laws and enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her children.

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