WHS Laws – What does this mean for a commercial fisher?

Recently, WRL informed members and fishers that the WA Minister for Industrial Relations announced that the Work and Safety Act 2020 and accompanying regulations would commence on 31 March 2022.

It is important that members and fishers who hold leadership roles and have responsibilities for workplace health and safety know what the new legislation means for them and how best to implement the requirements.

To assist members in interpreting what the changes are and what they mean to your operation, Tanya Adams from Taylored Health and Safety has provided some useful information that will help you to better understand what you have already and what you might need to do.

Click here to download the WHS Legislation Factsheet.

For more information on resources available to help you prepare for the introduction of the new legislation please click here.

WHS transitional arrangements

Please note that transitional arrangements to provide sufficient time for duty holders to adapt their safe systems of work have been agreed but only for new laws which did not exist in the old legislation. The government has taken the view that laws that are the same as those that existed under the old legislation will apply immediately the new Act commences in March 2022. That means inspectors will be making sure workplaces align with most of the legislation immediately – ie from 31st March 2022.

Click here to download the  WHS (General) Regulations 2022 – transitional and savings provisions Information Sheet.

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