Increased flexibility for Back of Boat lobsters

Fishers are now allowed to consign up to 50 back of boat lobsters per landing to a registered receiver.

In response to ongoing requests from industry for greater flexibility in dealing with non-preordered and unsold Back of Boat (BoB) lobsters, WRL and government worked together on a solution that authorises fishers participating in BoB sales to consign up to 50 lobsters per landing to a registered receiver.

WRL also requested an extension of the exemption that allows a standard landing limit of 200 that increases to 400 for any December day, in recognition of when community demand and traditional seafood consumption are at their highest.

WRL is pleased to inform you that both these arrangements take effect as of Thursday, 1 December 2022.

From Thursday, fishers will be allowed to consign up to 50 unsold Back of Boat lobsters per landing to a registered receiver.

Fishers will also continue to be allowed to land up to 400 BoB lobsters per trip on any December day and up to 200 BoB lobsters per trip any other day.

This flexibility measure is a win-win for fishers and customers as it will encourage fishers to land (up to 50) more lobsters than they have pre-orders for. This will ensure risk-free extra supply is available for unplanned sales like tourists (that currently result in disappointed customers leaving without lobsters) or increases in ordered lobsters at the point of sale which often could not be accommodated. This new flexibility is expected to result in greater numbers of BoB lobsters sold, a better experience for customers, and fishers no longer having to deal with unsold lobsters each landing.

Please click on the links below to read the Exemptions:

Here is the link to the latest Back of Boat Step-by-Step Guide on what a master must do to consign BoBs to a registered receiver and also to the updated BoBs frequently asked questions page for more information.


Steps for a master to sell Back of Boat lobsters to a registered receiver:

To remain compliant with this exemption; masters and registered receivers must follow the following steps:

1. The master of the authorised boat must notify Fisheries Compliance via FishWatch (1800 815 507) no less than 10 minutes prior to consigning any BoBs lobsters to a registered receiver. The notification can be a voicemail if FishWatch is unanswered. The nomination made must specify:

  • the managed fishery licence number of the authorisation under which the BoB lobsters were taken and landed;
  • the quantity of lobsters to be consigned to the registered receiver; and
  • the registered receiver to which they are intended to be consigned.

2. The master of the authorised boat who consigns any BoB lobsters to a registered receiver, must provide a receipt to the registered receiver specifying:

  • the managed fishery licence number of the authorisation under which the BoB lobsters were taken and landed; and
  • the quantity of BoB lobsters consigned to the registered receiver (Maximum of 50).

3. A copy of the receipt must be provided to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development via within 24 hours of consigning any BoB lobsters to a registered receiver.

4. The registered receiver does not need to provide a second weight to the Department for any BoB lobsters received and must retain a copy of the receipt.

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