Winners of the 2022 Western Rock Lobster Photo Competition Announced

Last month we invited the WA community to send in inspiring images, competing to be included in the new WRL desk calendar for 2023, with photos to capture the essence and beauty of the western rock lobster fishery. We were not disappointed! With over 100 entries, we were spoilt for choice.

Judged on their originality, impact and artistic merit, the winning photographs capture the ins and outs of the fishery and celebrate, inspire and reflect all we know and love about lobster fishing – from craypots filled with lobsters to stunning landscapes and lobster dishes.

There were so many fantastic entries with some awe-inspiring photography, and after careful consideration, the WRL Board selected the best images. All winners’ photographs will be featured in the 2023 fishery-themed photo desk calendar.


Here is a gallery of the winning entries…


Simon de Lestang


Judy Minissale


Anthony Manganaro


Onika Basile


Stephen Minutillo


Anthony Manganaro


Gary Filgate


Abi Thompson


Darren Bailey


Fred Rodriguez


Jayden Hage


Sam Koncurat


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