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Keep your Authorised Contact Details Up to Date

WRL is committed to continually improving how we engage and communicate with our Members. In recent years, this has resulted in a sole reliance on email addresses to more regularly and effectively provide general updates, critical information and importantly, to survey Member support for key issues in order to assist WRL Board decision making on behalf of industry.

WRL has also commenced using SMS to compliment emails with good effect and postal addresses are still used for all formal correspondence such as election material to vote for WRL Directors.

For these reasons, WRL requests that you complete the Authorised Contact Details Form below to ensure we have correct and up to date contact information for those three important fields.

Please note, there can only be one authorised contact for each MFL however they do not need to be the owner of the MFL. For example, an older Member may wish to nominate their son or daughter’s email address and mobile number. The same person may be the authorised contact for multiple MFLs.

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