Western Rock Lobster Industry Economic Contribution Report

Last year WRL engaged ACIL Allen, a leading independent economics, policy and strategy advisory firm, to complete a report on the economic contribution of the western rock lobster industry in 2020-21.

You can read the report here.

Members were asked to contribute to an ACIL Allen survey to profile the WRL industry. The survey results were then used as the primary inputs into the economic modelling. ACIL Allen also developed an online industry perceptions survey which collected qualitative insights from industry leaders on the impacts that COVID-19 and market disruptions with China had on businesses and the industry.

This report builds on the previous 2017 economic contribution report undertaken by ACIL Allen. The 2017 report found that the WRL industry contributed $504 million to the Western Australian economy and generated more than 2400 direct and indirect full-time jobs across the state. This report illustrates our economic contribution remained relatively high at $419 million (despite the GVP halving to $225 million from 2017’s high of $438 million) while supporting 1841 direct and indirect full-time jobs.

Together it is hoped that these reports will provide critical industry insights into the current economics of the industry and illustrate the economic impacts on the industry since 2020 by COVID-19 and the China market closure. WRL can now use these insights when representing industry and advocating change to Governments.

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