Now Available: WRL’s Research, Development & Extension Plan

WRL is pleased to release its Research, Development & Extension (RD&E) Plan that supports the WRL Research Network Research Priorities and Business Plan. You can now access the WRL RD&E Plan here.

Like all effective research strategies, the WRL RD&E Plan is open and adaptive, ensuring research and development can pivot to address industry challenges as they arise. It will be routinely reviewed by members and stakeholders with WRL board oversight in accordance with the terms of reference for the governance structure.

The WRL RD&E Plan will guide future investment for industry research and development that addresses member and stakeholder-derived priority risks and opportunities. Initially, the WRL RD&E Plan will be delivered through the current Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) with FRDC before ideally transitioning to the preferred Research Network partnership primarily between WRL, DPIRD and FRDC.

The WRL RD&E Plan is one of the key components of the Research Network Business Case which was developed over a year of rigorous and professional consultation and research. Its path can be summarised as follows:

  • Consultation – In consultation with WRL, a total of 72 fishers, processors, regulators, scientists, financiers, and other key industry stakeholders were identified. Australian Venture Consultants (AVC) reached out to each of these target interviewees and conducted a series of interviews. These interviews provided important insights into the perceived need for research and preferred models for managing and governing research projects and decisions.
  • Preliminary Research Priorities Framework – A preliminary draft research priorities framework was established based on key themes that were derived from the consultation.
  • Literature review – to determine the ‘state-of-the-art’ in each of the program areas identified in the research priorities framework, AVC undertook a literature review designed to identify relevant historical research under each program dating back to 1970. This literature review assessed a total of 130 publications and has been incorporated into the research priorities framework.
  • FRDC Analysis – the FRDC is the principal source of Commonwealth funding for fisheries research in Australia, including matching funding that contributes to the WRL IPA. A detailed analysis of the FRDC’s finances and operations was undertaken. The Business Case was reviewed by FRDC who provided valuable input.
  • Draft Report to WRL Board – AVC completed a draft business case for the proposed Western Rock Lobster Research Network for review and comment by the WRL Board.
  • Board approved Draft Report to members and stakeholders for further comment which were incorporated and published on the WRL website.
  • Member and stakeholder responses – received and incorporated into the artefacts now available on the Western Rock Lobster website.
  • Board approved Final WRL RD&E Plan for publication to members and industry stakeholders.

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